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Transforming Underprivileged Children into Productive Human Resource

Underprivileged Children's Educational Programs, UCEP-Bangladesh is working with the distressed urban working children. Starting in 1972 at the Dhaka University premises with only 60 students, it is now a hub of over 42 thousand working children striving to inculcate marketable skills and provide employment support service through general education and vocational training in close collaboration with industries and employers throughout Bangladesh.

The main objective of UCEP programs is to improve the socio-economic status of the urban poor and support industrial growth by generating skilled manpower. UCEP has global reputation for its unique model of human resource development. UCEP's success has enabled it to be listed twice in the UN ESCAP's "Compendium of Centers of Excellence in HRD Research and Training".

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UCEP's Establishments

   Integrated General & Vocational 

    Schools Divisions

•   Technical Schools Divisions


Recent UCEP Establishment

    •  Barisal BTS opened.  (8 May, 2008)
    •  Sylhet  STS opened. (19 Oct., 2008)

UCEP-BMET Hotel Management &    Catering Institute opened.

             (25 November, 2008)

    UCEP-Jatrabari Technical School   

  opened.  (18 March, 2009)

  UCEP-Gazipur Technical School   

  opened.  (30 September, 2010)

UCEP-Rangpur Technical School   

  opened.  (31 May, 2011)


       Special Programs

    •  Cyber Schools Foundation
    •  Extended SKT Program For Skill 




     •  New Zealand National Cricket

   Team Visited UCEP

              (12  October, 2010)

  20th UCEP Donor Consortium Meeting

              (26 June, 2011)

  •  Farewell of Theo Olheten

        (26 June, 2011)

    •  Farewell of Barbara Payne

        (09 December, 2010)

  •  Ms. Annie Gibbs from Ragdoll 

 Foundation, UK visits UCEP

    (14 Feb 2011 - 25 Feb 2011)

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