Success Story

Halima Akter

Halima (23) was born as physically challenged without her left hand when she was born. Being a member of a poor family, her parents were helpless with her as she was physically challenged. Though she was interested to go to school as a child, due to extreme poverty and her physical limitation, her dream was fading away. When she was getting hopeless, one day her mother heard about UCEP schools from one of neighbors. She was admitted in a general school under UCEP Ambagan Region, Chittagong and later completed training from Ambagan Technical school in Garments Finishing and Quality Control trade. With the help of UCEP Job placement team, she was given employment to a garments industry in Chittagong. With her sincerity and dedication for work she has gained management’s acceptance as a good employee. So her job was confirmed. At present, she is earning more than 7000 taka per month which changed her life as well as her family’s economic condition.