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The target group of UCEP consists of underprivileged children in general and urban working children in particular between the age of ten and seventeen. At the age when they should be going to regular schools, these children either roam about in the streets or are engaged in ill-paid manual labor for sustenance or for supplementing their family income, which is a meager one. They have to accept physical labor for their survival at a tender age when they should be having access to education, health care, and parental love appropriate for their physical, intellectual and moral development. The major groups of working children at UCEP are domestic aids, hawkers, shop assistants, porters, workshop helpers, transport helpers and day laborers.

Over the years there have been some actors (GOs & NGOs) that have worked for the same target group (urban working children). However, this fact has not affected /decreased the demand of UCEP's role in anyway, due to the sheer number of needy children and the fact that none of these actors is providing the full range of support services from basic education to vocational education leading to gainful employment in the job market.

UCEP will also continue  to include the most marginalized children ie street children, children from minority groups, children with disabilities, dropouts from the formal system of education who have no second chance of education and are forced to work in hazardous conditions. It will enroll such children either directly from the different areas or through effective networking and linkage with other NGOs.

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