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CWRA has been realigned to complement UCEP’s core programs and from 2014 it is being implemented in 8 districts of UCEP 8 Regions.

Aims of the program: Through the program children, youth, parents, and community become aware of child and woman rights issues that will have the impact on increasing in students’ enrolment and completion, girls, persons with disability, ethnic minorities and other disadvantaged ratio’s and reducing absenteeism and dropout.

Leave No One Behind: Addressing the approach, CWRA and Social Inclusion team engages family members and community parents and community people to be supportive of their education and skills training for the Children and Youth especially the women, persons with disability, ethnic and another disadvantaged group.

Safe and Secure Environment: For ensuring the safe and secure environment in the schools’ premises (general and technical schools) awareness raising for prevention of early marriage, sexual harassment and other abusive activities were the regular intervention.

Co-curricular activities: The team also arranged different types of co-curricular activities like street drama, special day observation (e.g. International Women Day, Literacy day, International Girl Child day, Event for the Violence Against Women-Fortnight), women empowerment campaign and fair etc for the dissemination of the programme information.

Strategic Partnership: UCEP Bangladesh also continued its partnership with Bangladesh Business and Disability Networks (BBDN) and the Disabled Peoples Organization (DPOs) for seeking job opportunities and the potential participants from persons with Disability. In 2018, we had a total of 47 strategic partners.