Mr. Didarul Anam Chowdhury, is currently working as Director, Programme and Innovations at UCEP Bangladesh. He has been playing vital role in framing strategic guidance and programmatic leadership to cater quality education and TVET & Skill development including decent employment across the country to more than 35,000 children, and youth annually from underprivileged community. As member of the Senior Management Team (SMT), his leadership has been significant to rollout of UCEP’s program through alternative modality during lockdown situation and strategic shift of the program in accordance with the national priorities and country strategy of major donors. Communication and coordination with donors are another dimension of his strategic role for expansion of partnership. He has been active in developing a number of strategy documents with national interest on different aspect of education sector including Comprehensive Skill Framework for Adolescent in Bangladesh for 21 Century.

He has more than 32 years of professional experience with a number of I/NGOs including Save the Children, BRAC, British Council, UNICEF, CARE International and BRDB for providing strategic and programmatic leadership to design and implement a number of development programs focusing education, humanitarian, livelihood aspect across the country. He also worked for Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) in West Africa (Ghana).

Mr. Chowdhury completed MS in Veterinary Science in Medicine from Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) and Master of Education, from Asian University of Bangladesh.

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