The cheerful face of the 16 years old girl Tasfia Fatema does not reveal the scars she bears inside. Born in a neglected community in Banisanta under Mongla Upazila, Khulna where the village took prostitution as a tradition, Tasfia does not know who her father is. Her mother, being a prostitute herself, did not pay much attention to young Tasfia. Moreover, she forced Tasfia to have sex as this is the only income source in their village. Fortunately, when Tasfia was 5 years old, a private development organization rescued her from the village and took up the task of raising her under the Food Feeding Project. They ensured her education till class VIII. She was then enrolled in UCEP Mohsin Khulna Technical School under SSC Vocational program. By this time, Tasfia returned to her mother to bring her back to normal life. Instead, she insisted Tasfia again to become a professional sex worker. Tasfia tried everything possible to take her mother away from this profession. The courtesan of their community did not allow her mother to leave. Realizing she might fall into the trap again, Tasfia left the village herself without her mother. Tasfia dreams of a beautiful and happy life. Her aim in life is to study well and become an engineer. Tasfia urged there are many girls like her in brothels who have similar dreams and are counting days to return to a decent livelihood. She seeks support from all to free away those girls and give them a stable life.

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