Press ReleaseDate: 24.8.2023

Swisscontact’s Building Youth Employability Through Skills (BYETS) project’s Partnership Contract signing ceremony took place on 24 August 2023 at UCEP Head Office. The agreement was signed between Dr. Md Abdul Karim, Executive Director, UCEP Bangladesh and Ms. Nadia Afrin Shams, Team Leader, BYETS, Swisscontact.

The project will empower 25,000 Bangladeshi youth (including 50% women) with improved technical, employability and entrepreneurial skills, and connect them to income-generating opportunities: jobs and self-employment.

Dr. Md Abdul Karim, Executive Director of UCEP Bangladesh and former principal secretary to the Prime Minister, delivered the welcome address, emphasizing the successful partnership between Swisscontact and UCEP Bangladesh. He highlighted the significance of the strong collaborations between Swisscontact and UCEP Bangladesh, emphasizing its role in uplifting disadvantaged youth and communities. Moreover, he highlighted the positive impact of this partnership in advancing skills-based education and driving socio-economic progress within Bangladesh.

Ms. Nadia Afrin Shams, Team Leader, BYETS, said, “ Swisscontact has a long-standing relation with UCEP Bangladesh and we have a firm confidence in UCEP’s capability to effectively conduct project activities. She mentioned that Swisscontact will also provide marketing capacity-building training to its partners through this project.

Engr. Mohd. Abdul Mannan, Director, Programme and Innovations, Mr. Md. Abdullah Al Mamun , Deputy Director, Programme and Innovations, Mr. Subinoy Dutta, Deputy Director, Resource Mobilization & Communications, Mr. Md. Ashraf Uddin, Deputy Director, Field Operations, Mr. Md. Ashikujjaman, Coordinator-Implementation, BYETS and other officials from UCEP Bangladesh were also present. This gathering symbolized the shared commitment to fostering positive change and development through collaborative efforts.

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