On 12 January 2023, The Executive Director of UCEP Bangladesh Md. Abdul Karim PhD along with a UCEP senior management team met with Dr. Abu Saleh Mostafa Kamal, Director General (Additional Secretary), Department of Social Services (DSS) of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Dr. Md. Omar Faruque, Director General (Additional Secretary), Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) of Technical Madrasha Education Division (TMED) in their offices. The Government high officials warmly welcomed the Executive Director of UCEP Bangladesh and showed great respect and courtesies.

The Executive Director of UCEP Bangladesh introduced the team members Mohd. Abdul Mannan, Director, Porgramme & Innovations; Md. Abdullah Al Mamun, Deputy Director, Programme & Innovations; and Md. Arif Nur, Senior Specialist, Public Partnership Management and gave a brief summary of the purpose of the visit.

During the meeting, both DGs committed and assured to extend their wholehearted support to the continuous development of UCEP Bangladesh in getting a large PPP Project of UCEP approved by the Government, obtain Khas land for UCEP in Cox’s Bazar area and enlisting UCEP in the upcoming World Bank financed ASSET Project of Technical and Madrasha Education Division of Education Ministry.

In the meeting, DG, the Department of Social Services is agreed to visit UCEP Bangladesh on 26 January 2023 and attend a seminar which will be organized by the “Prottoy” a joint project of the Ministry of Social Welfare & UCEP Bangladesh. The meetings ended with the exchange of flowers and photo-session.

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