Farzana Faria was born in a poor family in Narshingdi. She was the third child of her parents. His father was a rickshaw puller while her mother looked after their home. As it was difficult for her father to meet the expenses of the family by pulling a rickshaw, Farzana and her siblings never went to school. One day, her father got to know about the free schools of UCEP Bangladesh. In a motive to educate the children the whole family moved to Gazipur, where Farzana was admitted at UCEP-Tongi Pourashava Kalabagan School in Class III. Known for her honesty, punctuality and good behavior, Farzana is currently studying in Class X. Besides her studies, she is wellknown as a teacher in her community. She bears the educational expenses by tutoring. She helps the local children with their studies and persuades others to study. She always comes forward to help weaker students in her class. Farzana enjoys teaching. That is why she wants to become a teacher at a public university in the future. According to her, “Poverty is not a problem if there is willingness and honesty to step forward.” She feels blessed to have come to UCEP Bangladesh free-of-cost school. Farzana’s parents are also thankful to UCEP Bangladesh, “If there was no UCEP school, Farzana would have remained uneducated. But now she is studying and also helping others to become educated,” they stated.

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