From 1st January to 21 February 2022 regular schooling program has suspended for the pandemic situation of covid-19. UCEP Technical education program continued its special education modality for the students from 1 January 2022 to 21 February 2022 before fully opening the schools. A study group consists of 5 to 6 students of same grade in an area. The class teacher played the main role to divide the students into group where s/he was responsible for ensuring participation in education. On the other hand, subjective teachers conducted online class regularly as per schedule. The Center In-charge, and subject teacher has monitored to maintain safety security and quality assure. Besides, every Group has selected a group leader; s/he also has contributed to conducting the Group study and has collected assignments from subject teachers and government assignments for one week. It continues up to 21 Feb 2022 following UCEP as well as government’s decision.Then the school activities continue as usual.

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