UCEP Hafiz Mazumder Sylhet Technical School, Sylhet

UCEP Hafiz Mazumder Sylhet Technical School, Sylhet

BTEB Institute Code: 61067
EIIN: 139458

About School

The school located at Boteshwar, Kadimnagar, Sylhet- 3104 was established in 2013 and spans over an area of 35,923 square feet. The building is four storied Pacca construction. It has 08 classrooms, 01 ICT lab, 01 Electrical lab, 01 Science lab.  This building has been serving the educational needs of the community for over one decade.

With leadership of Head of Technical School, the school has been able to provide quality education and create a positive impact on the lives of the students. Under his guidance, the school has been able to maintain high standards of education and provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge for their future endeavors.

The school follows the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) curricula, along with vocational subjects under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board, for Junior School Certificate (JSC) Vocational course of grades VI to VIII and School Secondary Certificate (SSC) Vocational course of grade IX to X. This curriculum provides students with a well-rounded education that includes a strong foundation in core subjects such as mathematics, science, and language, as well as practical skills in various vocations. The combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience prepares students for a successful future, whether they choose to pursue further education or enter the workforce directly. By adhering to the NCTB curricula and integrating vocational subjects, the school ensures that its students receive a comprehensive education that meets the needs of the rapidly evolving job market.

The UCEP Hafiz Majumdar Technical School has a proud record of academic excellence, with a 100% pass rate for its students taking the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination. This outstanding achievement is a testament to the school’s commitment to providing its students with a high-quality education and the support they need to succeed. The dedication of the teachers and staff, combined with the hard work of the students, has resulted in this exceptional pass rate, and is a source of pride for the school and its community.

Academic Information

Available Courses

The school has followed national curriculum and textbook from National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) with vocational subject under Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). The courses are:

  1. JSC Voc grade VI to grade VIII
  2. SSC Voc grade IX to grade X
  3. Life Skills Education
  4. Skills Training Course

School Time

The school has two shifts.

1st shift: 08:30 am to 12:40 pm;
2nd Shift: 01:00 pm to 05:10 pm


Address: Boteshwar, Khadimnagar | Sylhet-3104
Head of Technical School: Md. Lavlu Mia
Contact Number: +8801747353659
E-mail address: [email protected]

Staff Information


Female Staff


Male Staff

Students Information 2023

SSC candidates18294701

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