In an exploitive society where disability is considered a hindrance, growing up was quite ignominious for Trishna Biswas. Born in a poor family of five members in Moulovibazar, Sylhet, Trishna had severe vision impairment since her childhood. Her father is a landless farmer, while her mother took care of their home. Due to financial constraints Trishna never received any treatment and her vision persistently resumed to deteriorate. Despite that she went to school and remained attentive as much as possible, however Trishna was considered discrete among her friends, classmates and teachers. Apart from contending from teasing and feeling burdensomeness, Trishna never experienced the elation of participating in a sport or attending a cultural event. Things as such grieved and desolated Trishna, however, it could not derail her from studies. She was determined that once she completes her studies, she would learn technical skills. After snaking a thorough research on a number of training institutes, Trishna sorted UCEP-Hafiz Mazumdar Sylhet Technical School to be the best option for her considering the quality of training on skills development it offers and the opportunity it opens for job placement after successful completion of the courses. She got admitted in the Machinist trade in 2018. After completing the courses, Trishna was offered a job of an Assistant Operator at Pran-RFL Group at the beginning of 2019. She grabbed the offer with a starting monthly salary of BDT 5,300.00. Within this short period, Trishna proved to be a remarkably proficient and skillful employee and convinced by her output her employer currently pays her BDT 8,000.00. Trishna is trying her best to assist her family with the income she gets. She is determined to uplift the condition of her family. “UCEP Bangladesh opened a new chapter in my life at a time when I was vulnerable and being neglected in the society. I want to transform the condition of my family and in the future, I want to do something for the girls who are considered a burden in the family,” the powerful voice of Trishna utters.

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